Will I still get excerise with an e-bike in Calgary?

Will I still get excerise with an e-bike in Calgary?

Calgary and surrounding area offers so much in terms of bike pathways. Whetjer it be city streets or the local parkways.  Many of us get frustrated with the terrian, or the hill, or the wind anf have given up riding our bikes.  Electric bikes has changed biking for so many people!  There are people who think that e-Bikes give less of a workout because the assist on the bike makes people have to work less to get farther, meaning you sweat less, and get less out of the e-Bike. 

So, shall we break it down for you as to why the argument that you don’t get exercise why riding an e-bike is jut not the case?

You will work less, only if you want to.

Some people think that if you sweat less, you will not be able to get the workout you would be able to get on a regular bicycle.

Well, this is just not true.  Many studies show that you will go out more often on your e-bike, and will certainly ride further and longer.  You still get exercise because you have the OPTION to activate or engage the electrical systems. You have the option of activating the pedal assist systems. If you don't then you can just pedal a regular bicycle that can ease you through steep inclines, or rough, hilly terrain, so you do not have to STRAIN yourself, or worry about energy for return trips. You can simply choose to ride your e-Bike like a regular bicycle, but you are paying for the amenities of an electrical system that enables a CONTROLLED, SAFER workout.

Many new to e-bikes do not realize that e-Bikes do function like regular bicycle, but are heavier, as you are carrying several pound batteries, motor rigs, optional bags and items on rear racks, etc, This can up the weight of an a regular bike by 30, or more pounds of weight, depending on models. This would require more core work to manoeuver a 60lb+ bicycle, so in fact, you would be working harder, and getting more of a workout.

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