Our Story

Cycling is a fantastic way to spend time with friends and family, getting fresh air, while getting a cardiovascular workout and strengthening the muscles of your legs and core. More importantly, it is good for the soul.

DrStonerBikes is a Calgary, Alberta based company and was established to provide high quality electric assist bikes, or e-bikes, at affordable prices.  Here is what we believe in:

We are firm believers that getting on an electric bike should be attainable for everyone.  This is why we are leading the charge in affordable, great looking eBikes without any hidden fees.  We don’t have the high overhead costs, no middle man, and the savings are passed along to you! 

We believe e-bikes should be about lifestyle and fun, that is why we offer the many different models. Whether you are just looking for an e-bike for leisure, to get you to or from shopping or work, we have one for you. 

We believe cycling allows you to experience the understated beauty of your surroundings more richly than when you simply zoom past them in your car.   

Step into a new adventure with DrStonerBikes and we look forward to hearing from you!

Darren, Jeff and Sara