Man with White E-Bike in Front of River



A man and his eBike over a river in Saskatchewan

As my 1st summer has passed with my Vtuvia V-FS 20 I am in awe of what a great bike it is! I am a cardiac patient told not to ride a normal bike but an ebike and not pedaling hard up hills would be alright. I put on 1350 kms travelling up and down the trails of the South Saskatchewan river here in Saskatoon, pedalling likely about 40% unassisted. Approximately 90 kms of trials on both sides of the river in Saskatoon and I made a goal of riding every trail during this summer and I did it! Some paved and others challenging dirt trails with steep hills and my Vtuvia never failed me. This step through bike was perfect for me with a 750 watt motor and supported with all quality gear on it! Worked perfectly with me only oiling the chain every 500 km and adjusting the brakes twice. I believe I had the only Vtuvia in Saskatoon and every day out riding I would have people comment or holler "nice bike"! With the big grip tires I plan on doing some winter riding also! Also its foldable so next summer I will take it up north to try some new lake trails. I can hardly wait!! Thank you so much to Doctor Stoner Bikes for this experience.

eBike in a backyard and by the river in Saskatchewan

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