Adventure Riding

Adventure Series

Bikes For Riders who want to make their own Path:

Dim Gray Trail SJ26 Fat Tire E-bike

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Dim Gray Terminator SN100 Fat Tire E-Bike

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Dark Slate Gray Trail SJ26 Limited Edition Fat Tire E-bike

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Black Rhino Extreme full suspension E-bike

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Adventure Story #1

"E-Biking is still the same as riding a bike, you still pedal. This way, we can get to a lot more far away creeks and remote locations"

-Tom & Oakley

Adventure Story #2

"The SN100 E-bike was awesome. First time on a fat tire and anything with power assist and it was a perfect experience. I turned the assist off and worked hard on all the trails and when my broken down body had enough I just turned on the pedal assist and had a relaxing ride home. A win all around and I highly recommend it."

- Ryan, personal trainer