What E-Bike is right for you?

Buying an electric bike may feel a little overwhelming, there are many varieties and options to choose from.  We have been getting a lot of questions from people looking for e-bikes.  Not all of us are mechanically inclined or feel comfortable putting a bike together yet there are many on line bike companies that ship right to your door.   You set it up.  There are many e-bikes that cost the same as a new car,  that may work for some people, but not the majority of us.  Buying an electric bike is a wonderful life fulfilling purchase, you'll love the freedom it will bring you.   Dr Stoner Bikes provides e-bikes at a relatively affordable price, mid range quality that suits most and fully assembled by a bike mechanic.   If you live in the Calgary area, book a test ride, we can talk to you in person about which bike is right for you. 

Dr Stoner Bikes has taken a simpler approach to buying an electric bike. Looking at how you'd like to use your electric bike will be a huge help in the decision making process. 

City pathways or commuter bike......You will be tickled pink taking one of our step through Elby or City bikes for a ride.  You don't have to swing your leg over a cross bar, they are step through bikes.  Great for commuting or just getting out there biking more often.   We are talking comfortable, fully adjustable and easy to get on and off of.  They are fun too, laugh out loud fun.  The best bikes we have for stability, and ease of getting on and off is our Elby or CMB City e-bikes.

Head turner..... If you want to be noticed every where you go, check out our Arnold SN100.  This is an aggressive looking fat tire mountain bike.  Great for different terrain, a versatile bike.    You want to trail ride and enjoy long bike rides (option for upgradable battery).  Ask us why this bike is good enough for the Terminator.....

Off roads......Do you plan on being more adventurous and taking your bike off the beaten path? Choose a bike like ourTrail SJ 26. This bike has fat tires, so can adapt to different terrain like rocks, bumps, mud, or snow.   It is great for city paths too, just more versatile than other bikes.  

Foldable bikes.....Space a problem when storing a bike?  Consider the convenience of our SK20 or SF20.  This bike can fit into the trunk of a car or a large storage compartment of a motorhome.   Talk about convenient.  

Our electric bikes have removable, and lockable batteries.   Most of our E bikes use Samsung battery cells.